As FPI’s flagship product, EmPOWER provides our customers a centralized, highly configurable, fully integrated application that serves the entire life cycle of their business: Customer Relationship Management, Loan Origination and Servicing, money movement transactions (including participation and syndications), marketing, and Portfolio Analysis. EmPOWER is fully integrated with other products at FPI such as loan accounting, general ledger, FC Credit Pro, and a Business Intelligence reporting warehouse. This level of integration translates to fewer points of data entry, a seamless user experience, and fewer systems to learn.  

One powerful feature of EmPOWER is our new Collateral Management module which presents the relationships between legal entities, loans, collateral, and underlying documentation. Using a simple but powerful user interface, each collateral component is graphically represented by icons with relationships between components clearly highlighted. Entering new, or changing existing information is easily done by answering contextually relevant questions in data entry wizards (think TurboTax). Collateral Management represents the innovation born of FPI's Farm Credit expertise.

Core Financial Sys

FPI’s Core Financial Systems are the Lawson Financial Management and Fiserv DNA Loan Accounting systems. Both are fully integrated with EmPOWER and a Business Intelligence data warehouse to provide a seamless flow of information from loan origination through loan accounting and general ledger. This integration not only creates efficiency for our customers but improves the quality and accuracy of financial data. 

Our DNA loan accounting system was developed by Fiserv, the trusted industry leader in mid-market loan accounting applications. Our customers rely on DNA to track payments, disbursements, and interest accruals, as well as for loan maintenance, such as payment schedule updates and rate changes. Lawson Financial Management consists of a suite of applications including general ledger, accounts payable, fixed asset and cost allocations. FPI customers are configured in Lawson for multiple entities, locations and cost centers to accommodate the various levels of internal and external financial reporting required. Automated interfaces are processed nightly from multiple internal and external subsidiary systems, such as loan accounting, leasing, and payroll.  

FPI works with our customers on a daily basis to provide seamless support of these applications and business processes.

EmPOWER Mobile

EmPOWER Mobile is our enterprise mobile app companion for EmPOWER. It provides the Relationship Manager or Loan Officer the tools they need to be productive and focused while out of the office visiting with customers. The EmPOWER Mobile App is designed to streamline tasks such as account inquiries, managing customer activities, and updating customer information.  

Credit Pro

FC (Farm Credit) Credit Pro is a web-based, mid-market credit analysis tool, designed to modernize how Farm Credit Associations enter and analyze borrower financial information. From balance sheets to earnings statements, to projections and complex consolidations, Credit Pro is an intuitive platform with a powerful calculation engine for seamless and simplified trending, stressing, and reporting. Customizable balance sheet and earnings statement templates provide flexibility at the association level, while ensuring consistency across industries within each ACA. Statement linking capabilities facilitate easy tracking of cash to accrual adjustments, part of Credit Pro’s proprietary Net Worth Reconciliation calculation. The application is fully integrated with EmPOWER, Collateral, and the customer portal to minimize data entry and ensure data consistency.


Financial Benchmark compiles groups of financial statements to create an average, or Benchmark, for comparing the financial situation of similar farms. Highly integrated into FC Credit Pro, the Benchmark tool uses years of credit analysis data to generate reports and publish a summarized industry Benchmark back to Credit Pro. Once published to Credit Pro, Benchmark statements can be included in customer trends and reports for comparison purposes.


eReview is a tool for internal auditors and risk managers to review and assess credit decisions and risk. The practical web interface enables the review of loans, appraisals, and various financial services such as crop insurance, tax returns, farm records, and payroll services. Internal reporting features as well as a dedicated data warehouse allow for comprehensive management reporting at the branch, region, or enterprise portfolio level.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) platform is a collection of dedicated BI products designed to satisfy all the data and reporting needs of our customers. The platform includes high-quality data from many of the core FPI applications - EmPOWER, loan accounting, general ledger, and eReview to name a few - and is the source of information for countless daily extracts and automated reports. With a full featured ad-hoc querying tool set, subject matter experts also have the ability to ‘mine’ their data, unlock actionable insights, and provide operational and strategic data to decision-makers in risk management, operations, and finance.

FPI recognizes the value of advanced Business Intelligence and continues to invest in this important and fast-changing discipline. With a current focus on data governance, location analytics, and predictive analytics, FPI is well positioned to take advantage of its deep collection of customer data and exciting new technologies that are exploding in the BI industry.

Web Portals

We host and help manage our customers' external facing websites. Using the Sitecore Content Management System, customers maintain complete control over this important marketing tool while relying on FPI for security, design, and web development expertise. FPI also provides a fully integrated, mobile-friendly borrower web portal, called Customer MySite. It features a secure login, borrower specific account information, targeted marketing, and a Secure Messaging portal; everything an association would need to digitally interact with their borrowers in a safe and convenient manner.

Doc Engine

FPI’s Document Engine is a powerful tool that links with EmPOWER, FPI’s proprietary loan origination system, to create custom loan legal documents. The Document Engine automatically pulls borrower information from EmPOWER and places it into the lender’s loan documents, improving the efficiency and quality of what had been a very manual process.  Loan documents are configurable by customer to accommodate their unique legal and company branding requirements. 


FPI builds and maintains branded intranets for each of our customers as well as an "extranet" that enables collaboration between our customers. FPI leverages Microsoft SharePoint to provide our customers the ability to broadcast company news and information, share and collaborate across their organization, manage and search content, and implement consistent business processes through workflow automation.