Jan 1995
Open For Business

After an evaluation of how to adjust service delivery for Farm Credit in the 21st century, FPI is formed leveraging legislation set by Congress allowing credit entities to form service companies.

FPI opens with 32 employees serving our first agricultural credit association customers known today as Farm Credit East. 

Apr 1996
Inaugural Kids Day

 Part of the national Take your Child to Work Day, 18 school-aged children are welcomed to FPI to shadow their hosts for the day. They experienced life at FPI, learning about the Farm Credit mission and FPI's role in supporting American agriculture.


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Nov 1996
Winner Of The 1995-1996 Best In Micro-Banking Award

BASIS, FPI’s first generation front-end credit delivery system, was granted the Micro-Banking award for BASIS’s unique design concepts and integration.

The home-grown software made the loan officer the center of the software experience, increasing efficiencies allowing loan officers to spend more time with farmers and less time on data entry.

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Jan 1998
Westward Bound

Agricultural credit associations that would later merge to form Farm Credit West in 2000 join the FPI family. 


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Mar 2000
First In-House Band Performance

FPI's first in-house band, F.A.R.M., debuts at FPI's St. Patrick's Day celebration with a lead vocalist and three guitarists. They entertained FPI with Jug of Punch, Danny Boy, All For Me Grog and I’ll Tell My Ma as well as a company-wide sing along to Mountain Dew and Wild Rover (No, nay, never). 





Jun 2004
EmPOWER Replaces BASIS As Front-End System

As a configurable system, EmPOWER introduces the ability to expand functionality and integration to meet each agricultural credit associations' credit delivery needs. 

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Jan 2007
It's Official

Following a period of strategic partnership and innovative thinking between Northwest Farm Credit Services and FPI, Northwest FCS formally join the FPI family as customer-owners. 

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Jul 2008
FPI Is Growing!

AgCountry Farm Credit Services of the AgriBank district formally joins the FPI family, adding diversity to the partnerships of FPI's customer-owners. 

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Aug 2013
Employer Of Choice Award

FPI is recognized as the State of Massachusetts Employer of Choice. The award is based on FPI's focus on company culture, training and development, job recognition and rewards, communication, and work-life balance.







Jan 2015
20-Years Serving Farm Credit

With 200 employees, two office locations, five agricultural credit association customers and staff co-located at many branch offices, FPI's offerings have expanded. Agricultural credit association customers are utilizing new intranets, Customer MySites, CreditPro and Collateral Web implementations are underway.

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Mar 2018
Welcome To The Family

Farm Credit Illinois joins the FPI family in August followed shortly after by Fresno Madera Farm Credit who joined in October of the same year.

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May 2018
AgWorx by FPI Announced

At the first Partner Summit, the new technology ecosystem AgWorx by FPI is announced to an audience of 85 agricultural credit association customer participants. This announcement marks the formal strategic shift from homegrown to market leading technology solutions. A move towards improved system and data integration, enhanced reporting capabilities and solutions accessible anytime anywhere enabled by the Salesforce and nCino platforms.




Oct 2019
FPI Live! Operations Summit

Collaboration is key to successfully supporting FPI's customers. At the first Operations Summit in Agawam, MA, over 50 agricultural credit association attendees and FPI staff collaborate on ways to enhance FPI's technology solutions to support the Farm Credit mission.

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Jan 2020
25 Years Strong

With over 250 employees, six agricultural credit association customers and AgWorx by FPI implementations underway, the agricultural lending experience is being digitized to support FPI's customers and their customer-members today and into the future.

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Sep 2020
FPI Relocates

FPI successfully moves one branch location to downtown Springfield’s Tower Square. The revitalized office space marks the beginning of FPI’s transformation to become a service delivery organization and value-added systems integrator to association customer-owners.

Sep 2021
First Annual Employee Appreciation Week

FPI's FAM committee and Human Resources debut the first annual Employee Appreciation Week Celebration. The week is full of raffles, peer-to-peer digital shout-outs, and an FPI-themed Spirit Day featuring a cornhole tournament and a performance by the FPI Band, Twisted Combine.

Oct 2021
Celebrate the Win

At the 6 for 6 AgWorx Lending event, the completion of the sixth and final AgWorx Lending implementation is announced! What was once a vision became a reality for association customers. This announcement highlights that FPI staff have every reason to "celebrate the wins" when delivering the trusted technology solutions association customers use to help American agriculture thrive.

AgWorx lending logo
Jan 2022
Customer Expansions

Agricultural credit associations, Yankee Farm Credit and Farm Credit Services of North Dakota, merge with Farm Credit East and AgCountry Farm Credit Services, respectively.

Customer Expansions
Jun 2022
Integration Summit

Strategy and innovation allow FPI to efficiently solve problems and deliver on promises to customers. At the Integration Summit in Chicago, IL over thirty agricultural credit association attendees and FPI staff bring insight into how real-time data connectivity and API maturity can accelerate business and keep pace with changing demands.

Oct 2022
FPI President's Award Ceremony

In the spirit of employee recognition, FPI awards two teams and four individuals the FPI President's Award. The award is granted to those who support the Farm Credit Mission and demonstrate FPI's four cultural pillars.

Jan 2023
Strategic Merger

The voting stockholders of Farm Credit West and the voting stockholders of Northwest Farm Credit Services approve the merger of the two associations to form AgWest Farm Credit, combining two of FPI's customers into one.

AgWest new logo