Farm Credit Financial Partners is directed and controlled by a 4-member Board of Directors. Each Board member is the CEO of our owner Farm Credit Associations. This group also makes up our Audit Committee and has oversight responsibility for the integrity of the company's financial statements, the company's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and the performance of internal and external audit.  They are strong advocates of technology as a competitive advantage and are willing to contribute the appropriate resources to implement solutions that address their most pressing business needs.

FPI is managed by a dynamic Management Team with input from representatives of our owner Farm Credit Associations.  Consisting of a select group of Association leaders, the Enhancement Prioritization Committee (EPC) is a key contributor that identifies and helps prioritize initiatives for the FPI work plan.  EPC meetings are the forum for prioritizing FPI's efforts, engaging in future forward technology solutions while focusing on collective values. The FPI Board looks to the EPC and FPI Management to recommend the technology direction and associated investment within FPI.