Hear From Our Customers

Bill Lipinski

Chairman of the Board
CEO Farm Credit East

"One of my goals from the beginning was to lead an organization that embraces change management. Farm Credit East is a frequent pilot site for FPI systems. I want my staff shaping the systems and being on the leading edge of adoption. It makes us better as an organization. It makes FPI better and it leads us to approach problems with an out-of-the-box mentality." 

"Farm Credit East is an early adopter, and I am proud of the efficiency and the advanced portfolio management capabilities that we have achieved as a result. Leaders are forged through change management. The FPI relationship is a perfect laboratory for me to test leaders of the future."

Mark Littlefield

Chairman of the Human Capital and Compensation Committee
President & CEO Farm Credit West

"Laboratory is a very good description of the environment we have created in Farm Credit West. Five years ago, we decided that we wanted to take the lead in creating major efficiencies that could be achieved by going paperless. We were out front and helped lead FPI through the paperless initiatives … both of us learning from each other as we went along. 

"The dividends have been great for Farm Credit West. All our new loan files are electronic. We are seamlessly moving files around our ACA electronically and continually tweaking the process for more efficiency."

Bill Bathel

Chief Risk Officer
Farm Credit East

"We see FPI account plans and their monthly electronic newsletters as big steps toward ensuring complete sync up between FPI and FCE and within our organization. Anyone, anytime can understand what's in the pipeline and our senior leadership team can see where we stand on projects at a glance."