More on Education

Continuing Education

Trying to decide between graduate school and starting a career? At FPI you can do both. FPI believes that employee value is increased through professional and personal development. In any given year, upwards of 10% of our staff are enrolled in a degree or certification program or are taking courses to enhance their skills. Employees can pursue education on their own time and will be reimbursed up to 100% for certain approved costs.


Want to put your learning curve in “fast forward?” FPI’s GPS (Guide, Prepare, Succeed) new employee orientation program is our first level of internal training for new employees. The program, which has graduated over 175 employees, was developed to assist you as you start your journey with FPI. Just as a GPS navigational device can save you valuable time directing you to your destination; similarly our GPS Program will help lead the way toward your successful future with FPI. Once on board, you will be assigned a mentor to help point you in the right direction, while you begin a scavenger hunt that provides an exciting, self-guided tour through the company, introduces you to numerous individuals along the way, and gives you an understanding of just what sets FPI apart!


At FPI, we are BIG on expanding our circle of knowledge. We offer Learn-at-Lunch Seminars where you’ll brown-bag it as you join co-workers over lunch and learn from experts about FPI’s products and services and business trends. You’ll even get to watch movies to learn more about particular topics.


FIELD - FPI’s Inclusive Electronic Learning Database - is our very own in-house version of YouTube. It’s a website designed to store and share training videos. FIELD provides a wealth of information and allows you to search for and view videos related to a specific product and/or service that FPI provides to its customers, as well as a variety of tips and techniques for use internally. Each employee has access to watch and create videos to share with fellow employees. And it allows our “Cecil B. DeMille Wannabe’s” to show us their film making talents.

Leadership Development Program

Investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to FPI sustaining a competitive advantage and achieving corporate growth over the long term. FPI’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) equips employees with the decision-making and executive skills needed to excel as multifaceted leaders. Participants emerge well prepared to take on greater cross-functional responsibilities–and ultimately drive performance throughout the organization. It's the combination of FPI leadership development opportunities and our employee's potential that has made FPI a company of high performance, first-class leaders.