FCW Training

To put it simply, FPI’s training and educational opportunities can’t be beat! Our entrepreneurial, team-oriented and performance-driven culture is fertile ground for you to realize your potential.

Our employees are lifelong learners and if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s the drive to keep getting better at what we do. FPI stands committed to creating an environment where employees can learn and grow. We offer a wide variety of personal and professional development opportunities, career paths and challenging projects all focusing on building knowledge of our company and our industry, in addition to specialties such as information technology, project management or business acumen specific to each part of our business.

Our holistic and robust approach to education is fostered through a wide variety of formats - formal and informal – including on-the-job, virtual and traditional classroom, e-learning, Web conferences, stretch assignments, job rotations, one-on-one coaching and awesome mentors. It’s an unbeatable training ground. Want proof? Just ask our employees.

Believe it or not, our goal is to help you grow beyond your current job – help you gain the skills needed to move to the next step on your career path. What’s in it for FPI? Employees are the number one contributor to our future success, so we see education as a wise investment!