What’s Next

FPI is always strategically focused on the future. While day-to-day support of the production environment is paramount, we are continuously looking to advance our customers competitive advantage through the implementation of new technology.


While FPI currently offers a robust CRM solution to our associations, we are looking to take advantage of more advanced features to improve customer data and ultimately the sales life cycle. Introducing features such as self-service, mobility, advanced analytics, and digital customer interaction will improve the quality of data and ultimately the customer experience.


FPI is looking to introduce the next generation of document management. With a goal of improving employee efficiency by easily capturing, tagging, and searching for documents, this tool will be integrated into most systems and every aspect of borrower interaction.  

Advanced Business Intelligence

FPI currently offers a suite of products in the Business Intelligence domain for reporting and analysis, but we are actively working on more automation and integration, tools for predictive analytics, geo-coding of data sets, and data governance.