The FPI Advantage

FPI provides cost effective and innovative products and services that drive profitability and competitive advantage for our customers.  How do we do it?

Customer-Driven Solutions

The Enhancement Prioritization Committee (EPC) is composed of a senior business leader from each of our customers. These individuals work together to develop FPI's strategic direction and determine the products and services that we offer.  Working closely with our customers, we strive for clear, ongoing communication with association CEOs, credit supervisors, branch managers and other association staff.  This level of involvement insures that we are delivering value in both the short and long term.


A common theme throughout our history has been the level of innovation that comes from the FPI customer partnership. Working closely with our customers to identify the business opportunities and challenges in the marketplace, FPI has become a hub of innovation to create the solutions that help our customers compete in the marketplace. 

Common Vision

FPI and our customers share a common vision for the organization: to be the premier technology and service provider in the Farm Credit System. Every day, we strive to deliver the highest quality products and services while furthering our collective strategic vision. To be the best solution provider we hire great people, maintain a steadfast focus on customer service, and are constantly looking to the future for the next great idea.


Our customers view FPI as a trusted business partner, not just a vendor relationship. We work cooperatively with each association and have become an integral part of each association's organization.  Each customer has a dedicated Relationship Manager that works to understand, communicate, and champion the short and long terms needs of the association.

Farm Credit Experience

The FPI staff and management understand association business challenges because many have Farm Credit lending experience.  We understand credit analysis, loan origination and maintenance, loan accounting, money movement, and the Farm Credit legal and regulatory environment.  This experience influences each of our products and services to insure that we are providing solutions that meet our customers' needs.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Products

Our core services center on infrastructure, technology, and daily operations, but we also offer a wide range of  Products and Services that are essential to managing a Farm Credit Association.  Business Intelligence, web site hosting, loan document creation, legal consulting, and Information Security are just a few of the services that complete our offering.

Technology Professionals

Our staff brings a wealth of Information Technology experience to create high quality and innovative solutions.  Experts in IT infrastructure, application development and hosting, and production support, we offer highly available and customizable solutions that meet the needs of the Farm Credit System.

What our customers are saying
FCE"One of my goals from the beginning was to lead an organization that embraces change management. Farm Credit East is a frequent pilot site for FPI systems. I want my staff shaping the systems and being on the leading edge of adoption. It makes us better as an organization. It makes FPI better and it leads us to approach problems with an out-of-the-box mentality."

Bill Lipinski, President & CEO,
Farm Credit East